If you need any help, or you need to contact us, here’s the place to be.  Let’s start with some FAQs.  Contact methods are below the FAQs.

What is Chateau Bole?

An online retail platform that sells imported wines from across the world.

What’s the point?  There must be thousands of wine companies in China.  Does China need another wine retailer?

No.  China doesn’t need just another wine retailer.  But it does need something different from the retail offerings that are available.

Wine consumers are typically presented with three options.  OEM slop in a bottle available in wine shops and online retail platforms.  Overpriced entry-level wines (with the occasional mid-level brand) at big-name supermarkets at insane markups.   Or finally, a few companies that pitch themself as being all boutique and special, with some big brand, high point scoring wines, at prices that are often 200% or 300% markup from the landed costs.

We’re trying to be something different.  Sure, we have some entry-level wines at value-based pricing and we have some high-end wines too.  But they are all sold at considerably lower profit margins than at least some competitive companies would sell at.

We try to give more information about our wines, and we support this with details about grapes, regions and how to pair the wines with cheese or with dinner.  We are trying to help build wine culture.

How long has Chateau Bole been around?

As an online retail platform, Chateau Bole has been trading in China since 2018.  It was a spin-off from Liquor Town (which started trading in 2015.  Both Chateau Bole and Liquor Town are part of a group that has been importing and distributing alcohols since 2007.

Where is Chateau Bole Located?

Our Customer Support Team (who help all our customers with order and tracking numbers) are primarily based in Shanghai.  Most of our wine is also shipped from Shanghai, with coming from Tianjin when different ports are used for importing.

How do I know you’re real?

Caution in every country in the world with respect to online business is a good mindset.  But China has something very unique for any business in China that wants to have a website.  The ICP License process.

At the bottom of each page, you will see a reference to an ICP license.  This is what ours says:

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The first bit is the copyright, the second bit is our company name, and the bit on the end (粤ICP备15064533号-2 tells you that our ICP License number is 15064533 and the final number 2 shows you that we have three websites on this ICP license.  We have Liquor Town, Oak and Barley and Chateau Bole on this same ICP License.

All companies in China, if they want to host their website in China, need an ICP license.  That proves that we are a real company, legally registered in China, with licenses to do our business.

In many other countries, any old chump can register a domain name, throw up some pages, type some blurb and pretend they are a real business, while cash trading out of their spare room.  China doesn’t allow that kind of nonsense, which is one of the many reasons we are here in China, working in an environment that helps legitimate businesses to stand out and be recognised.

Can I come and visit?

Well, probably not.  We’re not a bar or a shop.  We are located about 40 kilometres from the CBD and we’re not on the underground train lines.  It’s not exactly a destination location for tourism.  We don’t facilitate people that simply want to rock up, have a nose around and maybe buy a bottle or two.  Try your local supermarket to help you with that.

But – if you have any serious matters to discuss that might require you to visit us, then use the QR code below to get in touch for us to help you.

I’ve bought some wine – where is it?

You can log back into your Chateau Bole account, and check your own order status.  If will show either “processing” or “completed”.  Processing means we have your order but we haven’t shipped it yet.  Completing means we have shipped it.

If it’s shipped, we will add the tracking number and shipping details to the notes on your order.

What are Customer Support Groups?

Customers that we know, or have contacted us before, will have their own dedicated WeChat Group – we call them Customer Support Groups.  In this group will be you the customer, and typically 3 to 5 Customer Support Team Members.  This ensures that there’s always someone to help you with your questions, queries or to give you the tracking numbers in your Customer Support Group also.

What are typical delivery times?

China is a huge country so it can vary.  As a rough guide, if orders are placed before 16:00, then at least one-third of China will receive their delivery the next day.  Places like Xinjiang and Tibet can take up to 5 days.  The easiest way to check is to get in touch with us, tell us which city you’re in and we can give you a guide.

Why don’t you list any Liquor?

Chateau Bole is dedicated to wine.  Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, cognac, liqueurs and cocktail bundles are all on Liquor Town.  If you want to link to Liquor Town where we normally have a few hundred different liquors, then please CLICK HERE.

What about whisky?  Where can I find whisky?

Whisky and whiskey is all listed on Oak and Barley as part of a range that includes about 600 different whiskies.  If you would like to go to Oak and Barley then please  CLICK HERE.

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