Bone-In Rib Eye 1kg


Bone-In Rib Eye 1kg Steaks


Bone-In Rib Eye 1kg Steaks – sorry to say, snooze you lose.  These are out of stock now until further notice.  We still have the 4 x 500g steaks on offer.  You can CLICK HERE.

Bone-In Rib Eye 1kg Steaks – the name says it all.  But for those of you that want to know more, let us take a moment to tell you all about them.  Rib-eye steak comes from the ribs of the cow. It’s considered to be a full flavoured cut and the bone adds to the flavour.

This bundle here is for 2 x 1-kilogram steaks ( a total of 2 kilograms in weight delivered to you) for ¥600

Out of stock