Paul Thevenin pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is almost always the grape of choice in Burgundy. These reds are significantly less fruit-forward than American varietals in Burgundy it’s all about the terroir, which can vary widely within the region. The character of these wines is a result of variations in climate and the differences in soil from along the river upon which the region lines.

Vivid aromas of ripe wild strawberry, tangy black cherry, cranberry, fleshy and delicious fruit flavors are supported by grippy tannins. Juicy acidity rounds out this wine of elegance, precision, tension, and finesse.

With respect to food, these reds go well with savory dishes without too much spice. You can even enjoy a light red Burgundy withsome fattier fishes. Try to avoid spicier dishes and leafy greens.

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