Not all of us are wine experts. We may enjoy drinking it, but knowing the subtler nuances of its composition, flavour and compatibility with varied foods? Now those are things we leave to the pros, the connoisseurs.

But every now and then, you may find yourself in a situation where having known a little bit more about wines would have been a relief. Say, an important dinner with guests having more specific preferences than “the best Red you have”. Or a meeting with some fancy folk who are very clued up on their drinks and expect you to be too?

Well, having some basic knowledge about wines could not hurt. This is not to suggest that everyone needs to study extensively, the many features of different wines. This is only to say that knowing the basics will hold you in good stead in all kinds of social situations.

For those of you that are interested to learn more about enjoying wine, this is exactly the place to be.  Listed below are some articles to help you learn more and enjoy more.

Wine with Chinese Food.

Click on this link to go straight to our guide on how to match Chinese food with wine. <CLICK HERE>

Wine Pairing with Western Food

Here’s an information piece to help you to learn how to best pair wines with western food.  It covers the well know basics, but also helps you to go a little bit further.  <CLICK HERE>

Decanting Wine

Why, when and how we should be decanting our wines before we drink them.  <CLICK HERE>

Wine Sweetness and the CBS Ratings

Understanding the true sweetness or dryness of a wine.  Not simply a reference to the residual sugars, but based on the overall taste and feeling when drinking the wine.  <CLICK HERE>