Bill and Ben

BIll and Ben the Wine Fairy Men

Bill and Ben are here to help you with all your problems starting with getting you set up on our website.

  • Extract the QR code
  • Add the contact
  • Give them your name, address, email address and phone number – (the address needs to be in Chinese.  If you can’t type it, send Bill and Ben a photograph of it, and they can type it in for you)
  • They will add your details and then you can click and buy.  It really is that simple.

Customer Support

Your First Purchase

We will also set up your dedicated WeChat Customer Support Group – so that Bill and Ben can give you tracking numbers (as they become available) and answer any questions that you might have.  Any questions about delivery times, Hive Boxes or difficulties communicating with the local delivery guy, your Customer Support Group can help.

Other Assistance

Need some advice on what wine to pair with your meal?  Need some recommendations on the right bottle to buy for an event?  Need some ideas for what wines work best as gifts?  This is where Bill and Ben can really help you.  Again, you need to look no further than your WeChat Customer Support Group.

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  1. As someone that has actually visited the offices of Chateau Bole, I can actually confirm that those drawings of Bill and Ben are very accurate. Even the uniform is pretty spot on.

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