Jarlsberg Cheese Bundles

Scroll down to see what wines we are bundling for only ¥8.88 when you buy a 600g pack of Jarlsberg, or read on if you would like to learn more about this amazing cheese.

Jarlsberg Cheese is famous around the world for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste and its large, round holes.  It’s such a wonderfully versatile cheese – whether you buy it as a regular staple for sandwiches, a complement for summer salads, a tasty addition to your cheese board or as an irresistible cheeky late-night snack!  Jarlsberg is naturally lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Its success lies in the secret recipe used to manufacture the cheese, the people who make it and their pride in always delivering a product with the same consistent high quality and unique taste.

The original Jarlsberg is based on a secret Norwegian recipe from 1956 – so secret that only a handful of trusted people know of its whereabouts and custodians. The combination of traditional cheese-making and modern technology gives the cheese an edge; appreciated by both world-class and amateur chefs.

Jarlsberg Cheese has always been lactose-free, we just haven’t mentioned it before.  For anyone who drinks little milk, it can be difficult to get enough important nutrients. Many people who are lactose-intolerant have not been aware that they can eat cheese. For them, cheese can be a valuable source of iodine and calcium.

When cheese is made, the whey is separated from the milk, so we are left with what is called curd.  Since most of the lactose follows the whey, little is left in the curd.  During the maturation process, the small amount of lactose that remains is eaten by lactic acid bacteria.  These bacteria are added to give the cheese its distinctive taste and consistency.The lactic acid bacteria produce enzymes that are involved in cheese ripening. In a fully matured cheese, there is, therefore, no lactose left at all, just lots of great taste.

An extremely versatile cheese for pairing with wines.  Medium to full-bodied red wines is a very obvious choice.  This cheese has the depth of flavour to carry through a strongly flavoured red wine.  Its firm texture creates a refined balance.

Pairing also works very well with white wines and quite unique to this cheese, it can pair with whites from the driest Chablie through to the sweetest of Sauternes.  It also works well with a dry sparkling white wine.

Watch out for this cheese bundled with many different choices of wine.  It really will work with all of them!

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